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Church of Monero Website

Xeagu requested to merge xeagu/ccs-proposals:church-of-monero-website into master

WHO Your friendly, neighborhood Xeagu here. The Church of Monero recently celebrated its 1 year anniversary! We have reached a wide audience but the one thing we don't have is a website.

Many in the Church of Monero, including @lh1008 have raised the issue of developing a Church of Monero website.

WHAT I am requesting $1500 or 23 xmr for the development and server hosting for this website.

I am requesting an immediate payout of $200 to pay for server related costs followed by 50% of the remaining funds be paid out at the 50% and 100% website completed milestones.

WHY I know what many of you are going to say - "Religion is off-topic" - but please allow me to make a case.

The 1st rule of the Monero CCS is "An individual or team (henceforth 'proposer') has an idea to improve the Monero ecosystem that requires funds."

I believe that a Church of Monero website is an improvement to the Monero ecosystem because it will provide an additional channel for Monero education.

I believe the Monero CCS should not deny the Church of Monero from participating in fundraising programs.

May the 4th be with you.

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