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v1docq47: video creation / translations into russian (august - january)

Hello, my dear followers, colleagues, and friends!
v1docq47 is here!
And this is my new funding request for my work.


I am v1docq47, member of XMR.RU team.
Since September 2017 I translate into Russian everything related to Monero. I’m doing Russian dubbing and creating various videos about Monero for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel.
I active contributor in Monero Localization and Monero Outreach working groups.

This is the shortlist of my Monero localization works:

This is the shortlist of my works for Monero Russian Community YouTube channel:


Localization of the Monero project into Russian.
Creation of information / news and tutorials video for YouTube channel.

The Proposal and Milestones

I want to reconsider the concept of videos which get to the Monero Russian Community YouTube and make them better - redraw animations, make the video more interesting from a visual point. Put it simply, I want to improve the quality of the content that we produce.

One of the main goals for this period of work for me will be the translation and voice-over of speeches from the first annual meeting Monero Konferenco 2019.

Additionally, I intend to finish the work over papers Monero Research Lab and transcriptions Breaking Monero and post them in the library on our new website
What would my translations papers MRL meet the standards, I plan to transfer them to the TeX system.
It will be a brand-new experience in my practice.

Now that Monero wallet fully supports the work with the two most popular hardware wallets, precisely with Trezor and Ledger, I had an idea to make a separate video devoted to setup and working Monero GUI / CLI with the given hardware wallets.
I tried to reach out to the official representatives of Trezor and Ledger and ask them to give me test samples of their wallets so that I could create guides / videos on working with these wallets within Monero.
I even promised to return their after all the materials be ready, but they did not answer me...
But, it is not a big deal! I will buy these hardware wallets myself, and once all the material is finished, I will just gift them to the participants Monero Russian community.

Apart from that, I will continue my work over translations of new articles and materials within the scope of the economy and ecosystem Monero.

How much and Payouts

Any kind of work must be paid, especially work which is pleasured for you and your viewer/reader.
Payment on first days of every month during 6 months for my upcoming work.
5$ hour/ ~30 hours a week or ~120 hours a month. Usually I spend much more spare time for my work.
Average Monero course for a month is ~95$

In total:

37.8 XMR for 6 month work's
6.3 XMR per month starting from August

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