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Ledger Wallet CLI Guide (dEBRUYNE)

monero-project requested to merge el00ruobuob:ledger-wallet-cli-guide into master

Created by: el00ruobuob

This is a new user-guide based on @dEBRUYNE-1 How do I generate a Ledger Monero wallet with the CLI (monero-wallet-cli)? StackExchange Q&A, as i told i'll do on twitter.

A few corrections have been applied :

  • De-personalized (s/"I"/"We"/g)
  • Download links moved to instead of GitHub
  • Typo Correction
    • Mac OS referring to GUI instead of CLI
    • Monero v0.12.1.0 mentioned instead of v0.12.2.0
    • s/cavaet/caveat/g
  • Precision on installation section of Ledger Monero app guide for windows
  • Update the "need assistance" final note to link to the StackExchange answer.

And i already translated it in French.

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