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update qubes/whonix isolation guide

Created by: 0xB44EFD8751077F97

  • Add tips section for hardening.
  • Add table of contents.
  • Add usage examples.
  • Change steps and terminology for current Qubes (r4.0) and Whonix (14) versions.
  • Grammatical fixes and text edits.
  • Harden security:
    • Address access rights.
    • Clone new template for modifications.
    • Create system user for running the daemon.
    • Put the service file in /lib/systemd/system/ on the TemplateVM, and enabled with the qubes-service condition path.
  • Opt for more thorough explanations, examples, and security over brevity.
  • Provide opportunity to extend for stagenet and testnet ports.
  • Remove unnessary arguments from service file.
  • Remove version numbers.
  • Rename guide, not exclusive to CLI anymore.
  • Rename qrexec action file and policy.
  • Replace section on verifying binaries with a link to Monero's user guide.

I hope I did everything the correct way. It was unclear from the readme on what to change the second and third version fields to. Readme says 1.0, but I guessed that was a typo and should be 0.

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