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CCS Coordinator (3 months)

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  • Gather consensus for CCS proposals. (feedback from GitLab/IRC/Reddit).
  • Organise bi-weekly meetings to discuss proposals / current events (more if necessary).
  • Provide decisions in 1 month or less (Yes/No to being funded or if something has to be changed with the proposal to satisfy our community).
  • Be impartial when communicating with CCS proposers - everyone gets a fair shake.
  • Checking up on the WIP list to find / fix problems early (e.g. payments overdue or proposers AWOL).
    • It has recently came to my attention that there is a seldom enforced CCS rule where "If it's not funded or finished by a certain time, the funds can be released to other proposals or the General Fund.. This keeps things moving along in a timely fashion.", one of my tasks will be to gather support for enforcing this rule where applicable.
  • Take responsibility for the entire CCS process - It's my fault when 'things go wrong'.
  • Someone who is online for several hours a day / 7 days a week that knows what's going on.
  • Act as a liaison to Core - keep them informed of whats happening / poke them when required / handle their requests.
    • As part of this CCS, you will also be sponsoring my work when quality assurance testing new features/bug fixes each release cycle in the GUI, CLI, and RPC wallets.
    • And contributions.
  • Consultancy before / during / after the idea stage.


I voluntarily took on this role for a few weeks (several months ago) and detailed my progress here. Soon after, I 'retired'. Since then, i've been doing this role at half capacity. A member of Core has seen value in my contributions and asked me to make this CCS and also provide some other work around the ecosystem which i would be unable to do consistently without being sponsored by the community.

My other contributions include:


Some concrete areas to be judged on will be my ability to obtain decisions (yes / no / change this) from the community in 1 month or less by organising at least 2 meetings per month and gathering feedback.
Monthly reports will detail what i've been doing in terms of checking up on the WIP list / working with people at the ideas stage / helping where i am able to.
As for the liaising with Core part, if at any point they are not satisfied, then this proposal can be terminated with immediate effect (no payout for 'work done' either)


20hr/week - 40 eur/hr with XMR at 147EUR (MA20 @ Kraken) gives 23 XMR/milestone bringing the total requested amount to 69XMR. Maximum of 1 milestone can be claimed per month. Price fluctuation after moving to funding will have no effect. Consider this proposal expired in the event of my untimely death / unheard of for >5 months / have not claimed all payouts in 12 months. If expired - all remaining unclaimed funds are to be donated to other CCS proposals.

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