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What up everyone, it's your boy rehrar.

So here's the skinny. Last year, as part of my 2018 World Tour I went to the World Crypto Con in Las Vegas. I was joined by the renowed Daniel Kim and, may I say, we tore it up. What does that mean? Well, it means we sat at a donated sponsor table and talked to people interested in Monero from dawn until dusk. Seriously. Like, as everyone was tearing down all around us, we were still sitting at our booth (even when they took away the table) and were engaged in conversation. Tons of people heard about Monero and what made it different. You can read my full report here I can't stress this enough, but we were flooded with people, and didn't have enough time or manpower to speak with them all. A good problem to have.

This year, we want to do the same. But bigger and better. WCC has invited us back, same terms as before, and they want Monero to have a role as one of the speakers. October 28th-November 1st. They're expanding to have a developer's conference as well, and I managed to weasel sarang into one of the speaking slots.

Enter you guys. As always, none of us is charging for our time. We're just asking for help with travel expenses. We're staying in a MUCH cheaper hotel than the Cosmopolitan (where the event is hosted), and we'll walk there every day. What is the community getting? 100% table time by myself, sarang, and Daniel Kim (who plans to attend this year again), and a talk by sarang to the populace. Daniel and I have both submitted talks as well, and they're deciding if they want us there (main track or dev track or none).

We're asking 30 XMR which covers both sarang and I's flights, hotel, incidentals, and meals. A 10% price movement buffer is included. Further info available to core team upon request (to preserve privacy). Milestones to be paid out as soon as funding is completed (if moved and funded, of course) so that we can make the reservations ASAP.

Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Complaints?

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