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New download page

erciccione requested to merge erciccione/monero-site:new-download-page into master

This is the new download page as discussed in #997 (closed). There are no more single downloads, but two sections: GUI and CLI, which will each show a brief list of features, known issues for that release (as asked in #991 (closed) and screenshot showing how the wallet looks like.

One of the main points of this redesign were the hashes. Many users complained it made the page unfriendly and hard to browse. This was resolved adding a "Verify" section, well visible under the wallet, but the hashes are hidden. Users will only have to click "show hashes" to see them. I also added links to the 2 guides we have about verifying hashes.

I added pictures for the hardware wallets and a button for the blockchan bootstrap

Changes to downloads.yml:

Distinction between GUI and CLI
Possibility to add different release names/versions for CLI and GUI
Removed unnecessary variables


This PR is marked as WIP because i need some things before it can be considered complete:

  • Screenshot for the CLI with some testnet transactions Thanks rbrunner for the screenshot
  • Better GUI screenshot. Which should show the wallet as connected and mining. Showing some transactions or balance could also be good. Edit
  • The text need to be added to all languages ( i will add it after we agreed on the text)


I suggest to test the PR locally using bundle exec jekyll serve --limit_posts 1 --baseurl ''.
--limit_posts 1 will show only the last blog post. This will make building the PR much faster.


Edit: Scroll down for the updated screenshots

The first screenshot show all closed dropdowns (hashes and known issues). In the second one they are open.

fullpage fullpage-dropdowns

Closes #997 (closed) and #991 (closed)
This PR supersedes !1158 (closed)

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