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VostoEmisio Animated Core Concept Videos

Hey everyone!

Since this is my first CCS proposal, I thought I'd give you a quick intro to who we are:

I run a marketing company in the traditional space. Here, we work under the name "VostoEmisio,". We've already done some work for Monero and other privacy-centric projects. Our journey began in early 2022 when we helped Rucknium revamp the logo and branding for these two projects:

This year, we won the Monerokon 3 Design Proposal (, and we're currently working on brand refreshing and marketing for Firo:

However, we haven't had the chance to show off our skills in motion assets and animation yet. As a long-time Monero user, I find it frustrating when browsing crypto-Twitter and seeing basic misconceptions like "infinite supply," "can't scale," and "dynamic block size???" still being spread, particularly by the uninformed "BTC maxis."

So, I propose that we create an animation series featuring short (1 min or so), ELI5-style explainer videos that break down the key concepts of how Monero works in a simple and digestible way that could easily be shared every time we, the community, face misleading comments. I suggest we start with one video and, if the result is satisfactory, create more based on the community's preferred topics.

Promise and assurances:

If that sounds good to you all, I'd be happy to jump into the details and start working on the script and storyboard. I would like to start with ( as our name vosto emisio also springs from), the tail emission concept.

Regarding the budget, we're not sure, but we're willing to try this out for 9 XMR for the first video. We can adjust the amount up or down after we see how the first project goes since this would be our first official collaboration with the community. I believe this project will take about a month to complete, maybe a bit longer since this is our first time working with the community.

Any questions or thoughts?

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